How to Quickly Fix Blotchy Self-Tanner in 5 Steps

How to Quickly Fix Blotchy Self-Tanner in 5 Steps

Even for seasoned faux-glow enthusiasts, achieving a flawless tan every time is not always guaranteed. Occasionally, you may find yourself dealing with a patchy fake tan, especially before an important event. However, there's no need to panic. Unlike a bad haircut, a blotchy fake tan is only temporary and can be fixed relatively quickly and easily.

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What causes a patchy fake tan?

If your tan looks more like a patchwork quilt than a seamless golden glow, don't fret. Patchy self-tanning can occur due to various factors, such as residue from products like perfume, deodorant, or oil-based moisturizers lingering on the skin.

Feeling less like a radiant goddess and more like a quilt? Not to worry. Here are 5 rapid fixes to remedy a patchy tan and ensure it stays flawless in the future.


1. Exfoliate darker areas

Oops, it happened again – your tan is streaky or patchy. The first step to fix it is exfoliation. Use a gentle body scrub with a mitt to lift away excess color from darker areas caused by dead skin cells absorbing too much pigment.

For your face, where scrubbing vigorously might cause sensitivity, opt for products containing glycolic acid. This natural ingredient helps fade tan gently and effectively.

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2. Add colour where you’re paler

Another option is to touch up any missed areas in your initial tan application. For smaller spots, use a kabuki brush with your tanning gel. Apply a small amount of tanner gel to the brush and blend it into the lighter areas. Short on time? Speed up the drying process by applying a tan drying powder or a light dusting of talc.

If you need a quick fix for patchy tan – say, within the next hour – consider using an instant wash-off tan. Alternatively, a liquid or powder bronzer can also help even out the tan in a pinch.

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3. Prep better next time

Patchy fake tans can often be attributed to improper preparation. Exfoliation is an absolute must before self-tanning. It helps remove dry skin, ensuring a more even application of the tanning product and preventing excessive darkening in certain areas.

Additionally, it's advisable to perform any hair removal 24 hours before tanning to avoid uneven results. Moisturizing dry areas like elbows and knees beforehand can also help prevent them from absorbing too much tanner gel.

When reapplying tan, ensure you thoroughly exfoliate to remove any remnants of the previous tan. This will help prevent an unnatural and patchy appearance.

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4. Go for colour-guide technology

For a more even application of self-tanner gel, opt for tinted mousse or lotion instead of clear formulas. Our tanning gel SPF15, available in three tinted shades, is an excellent choice. Apply the tanner gel in front of a mirror to ensure you cover all areas, and use a back tan applicator for hard-to-reach spots.

Remember, the initial color you see is just a bronzer, and any streaks are temporary. Using a tanning mitt allows for smooth, even application, preventing product buildup in certain areas.


5. Moisturise!

Ensure your skin is clean and dry before applying self-tanner gel. Avoid using moisturizer, deodorant, or perfume as they can interfere with the tan's development.

After tanning, moisturize generously to extend the life of your tan and prevent uneven fading. Apply moisturizer morning and night, preferably on damp skin after showering.

If you’re still struggling with streaks or spots, check out our previous article 8 Techniques for Eliminating Self-Tanner from the Skin for more solutions.

Expanded Knowledge

Expanded Knowledge:

Home Sunbeds: Home sunbeds are devices used for indoor tanning, offering convenience for those who prefer tanning at home rather than visiting a salon.

Tanning Bed Lotion without Bronzer: Tanning bed lotions without bronzer are formulated to enhance tanning results without adding extra color, ideal for individuals seeking a natural-looking tan.

Sun Tan City Spray Tan Price: Sun Tan City is a tanning salon chain offering spray tan services. Knowing the spray tan prices at Sun Tan City helps customers budget for their tanning sessions.

Tanning Bed Dealers Near Me: Tanning bed dealers sell and sometimes rent tanning beds for home or commercial use, providing customers with a variety of options and services.

Artificial Tanning: Artificial tanning refers to methods of darkening the skin artificially, including sunbeds, spray tans, and self-tanning products, offering alternatives to natural sun exposure.

Sun Tanner: A sun tanner is someone who enjoys tanning under the sun, despite the risks associated with prolonged sun exposure such as sunburn and skin cancer.

Tanning Beds Near Me Prices: Knowing the prices of tanning beds near you helps individuals plan their tanning sessions and choose salons that fit their budget and preferences.

Spray Tan Bottle: A spray tan bottle contains a solution used for spray tanning, offering a convenient method to achieve a tan without UV exposure.

After Tanning Bed Lotion: After tanning bed lotions are designed to moisturize and soothe the skin after tanning sessions, helping to maintain skin health and prolong the tan.

In Shower Fake Tan: In-shower fake tan products are applied to wet skin in the shower and rinsed off, providing a quick and easy way to achieve a tan without the need for prolonged development time.

Safe Tanning: Safe tanning practices involve minimizing UV exposure to reduce the risk of skin damage and skin cancer, emphasizing the importance of sunscreen and moderation in tanning habits.

Oil-Free Self Tanner: Oil-free self-tanners are suitable for oily or acne-prone skin types, providing a tan without clogging pores or exacerbating skin issues.

Mens Tanning Drops: Tanning drops for men are concentrated solutions that can be mixed with moisturizer to customize the intensity of the tan, offering a tailored approach to tanning.

Hydrating Self Tanner: Hydrating self-tanners contain moisturizing ingredients to keep the skin hydrated while providing a tan, ideal for individuals with dry skin or during colder months.

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