The Ultimate Tanning Showdown

The Ultimate Tanning Showdown

Buckle up, babe, because it's time for the ultimate glowdown. In this, our very first
tanning gel SPF15 & peach fragrance intensive boost tanning, we're pitting our two self-tanners against each other to help you find the right product to achieve your most radiant glow.

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From the skincare benefits to the ease of application and the depth of colour delivered, read on to discover the benefits of our tanning gel SPF15 versus our peach fragrance intensive boost tanning – in one must-read article for tan stans.

Are you ready for the ultimate face tanning face-off? Read on!

UKLOVE tanning product efficacy


Our facial tans deliver equally gorgeous results, but they do so differently – and each has a unique application method. Ultra-concentrated, the Tanning Gel SPF15 transforms into tiny drops, seamlessly blending into your facial moisturizer for effortless application.

Our peach fragrance intensive boost tanning, on the other hand, is spritzed onto clean, dry skin in one super-easy motion.


Prefer a deeper face tan? Try our Peach Fragrance Intensive Boost Tanning. Designed to deliver an even, buildable glow, they can be used daily or every second day or so to achieve and maintain your ideal color.


If you want an ultra-natural face tan, opt for the Tanning Gel SPF15. Applying this once will give you a gorgeous, healthy glow. And you can reapply every two to four days to maintain your subtle, sun-kissed radiance.


Our top tip? Whichever tanner you choose, stick to it for the same bronzing cycle. Our tanning experts recommend refraining from the layering of different tanning products, as overapplication may result in unwanted orange tones and streaks.


We believe in a skin health-first approach to self-tanning. So both of our face tanners are alcohol-free, with 100% natural DHA, plus skincare ingredients to deliver inside-out radiance – without stripping your skin of moisture or blocking your pores.

Our tanning gel SPF15 leave skin soft, supple and sun-kissed with coconut water plus five types of ultra-hydrating hyaluronic acid to smooth the look of fine lines. 

Also deeply hydrating, our peach fragrance intensive boost tanning plumps the skin from within thanks to its easily absorbed micromist technology – and a powerhouse formula packed with actives. It contains HyalurosmoothTM – a plant-based hyaluronic acid-like active that boosts skin hydration by 40% in only 30 minutes*.

But most of the magic comes from the rejuvenating and firming antioxidant complex, which increases collagen production by 93%** for smooth, youthful-looking skin. 

*based on an instrumental test conducted with Cassia Seed extract.
**based on in vitro testing conducted with vegetal extract).

 So, now you know all the pros and pros (no cons here!), which tanner is for you? No matter which one it is, you can rest assured, the tanning gel SPF15 and peach fragrance intensive boost tanning will effectively nurture your skin! 

The Ultimate Tanning Accessories

Want to achieve the perfect tan without exposing yourself to harmful UV rays? Look no further! We've carefully selected a range of top-notch tanning products to help you effortlessly achieve that sun-kissed golden glow.


Tinted Body Moisturizer: Looking for a subtle sheen and moisturized skin? Give tinted body moisturizer a try. Not only does it add a hint of color, but it also nourishes your skin, leaving it soft and smooth.

Best Tanning Moisturizer UK: For a natural-looking tan, a high-quality tanning moisturizer is essential. Choose a product with moisturizing ingredients and buildable color for a customized tanning effect.

Bronzing Lotion for Body: Perfect for those seeking a deeper tan, body bronzing lotion provides an instant bronzed effect while moisturizing the skin, giving you a radiant complexion.

Self-Tanning Face Cream: Don't forget to give your facial skin the attention it deserves! Self-tanning face cream is gentle and suitable for sensitive facial skin, delivering a natural tan.

Best Self-Tan Moisturizer: Opt for a self-tanning moisturizer that not only gives you a golden glow but also moisturizes your skin. Look for products rich in nourishing ingredients like Vitamin E and Aloe Vera.

Body Self-Tanner: Achieve an all-over tan with body self-tanner. Choose a product that's easy to apply and dries quickly to ensure an even, streak-free tan.

Best Tinted Body Moisturizer: Tinted body moisturizers are ideal for those who want a hint of color without a full-body tan. They provide a gradually increasing glow that deepens over time.

Tanning Bed Cream: If you enjoy using tanning beds, use specialized tanning bed cream to enhance your tan and protect your skin from UV damage.

Self-Tanning Drops for Face: Self-tanning drops are a convenient way to customize your facial tan. Simply mix a few drops with your favorite moisturizer for a natural tan.

Face Tanner for Sensitive Skin: For sensitive skin, choose a face tanner designed to be gentle and non-irritating.

Face Tanning Drops: Use face tanning drops to achieve a perfect glow on your facial skin. These concentrated drops can be mixed into your skincare routine for a customized, even tan.

The Face Tanning Drops: Looking for facial tanning drops? Look no further, these face tanning drops provide a natural radiant glow, making them an essential part of your skincare routine.

Self-Tanning Pills: Want to achieve a tan from within? Self-tanning pills are a popular choice to avoid UV exposure. However, be sure to consult a healthcare professional before taking any supplements.

Self Tanner for Pregnancy: Pregnant and want a tan? Choose a self-tanner specifically designed for use during pregnancy, free from harmful chemicals for peace of mind.

With these top-notch tanning products, achieving the perfect tan is no longer a dream. Embrace radiant, sun-kissed skin that shines all year round!

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