How Do Self-Tanning GEL Work?

How Do Self-Tanning GEL Work?

Self-tanning gel are becoming a popular substitute for conventional self-tanners like lotions or sprays. Celebrated for their seamless integration into your beauty regimen, they can be easily incorporated into your routine at home – eliminating any discomfort of disrobing in front of a stranger.

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Beauty influencers and tanning novices rave about their radiant results and ease of use, but what are self-tanning gel exactly? Furthermore, do these little gel of purported bronzing magic actually work? 

In this tan-talising article, we'll cover everything self-tanning drop-related, including how to use them and get the most bang for your bronzing buck.

What Are Self-Tanning Gel?

Self-tanning gel is a product used to impart a bronze hue to the skin. It typically contains a chemical compound called dihydroxyacetone, which reacts with the amino acids on the surface of the skin to produce a tan appearance without the need for exposure to sunlight. This gel form of self-tanning products offers the advantage of easy application and even coverage, allowing for customization of the desired shade according to personal preference.

For someone who finds the world of self-tanning intimidating, tanning gel could be a perfect foolproof fit. Want to try them for yourself? Here’s how to use self-tanning gel for a beautiful bronze glow – without a streak or orange hue in sight.

How Long Does Self-Tanner Last?

Delivering a gorgeous, natural glow, self-tanning gel can be an excellent, easy-to-use alternative to other self-tanners. They’re super simple to incorporate into your daily routine by adding a few gel to your moisturiser. 

But there are a few things you need to know before you glow. To get the most from your self-tanning gel, follow these simple tips:

1. Always Exfoliate

As with any self-tanner, you want to ensure your skin is prepped and ready for action. Exfoliating before applying a self-tanner gel is crucial because it helps rid the skin’s surface of dead cells or dry patches that can result in a patchy, uneven tan. 

For the face, you can use a manual or chemical exfoliant. Below the neck, try an exfoliating scrub like our Bali Buffing Sugar or a handy exfoliating mitt to slough off any dead skin.

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2.  Add Self-Tanning Gel to Your Daily Skincare Routine

The beauty of self-tanning gel is how easily they can be incorporated into your normal skincare routine. Add a few self-tanning gel to your face cream – yup, it’s that easy!

For your face, the best way to use tanning gel is to apply a few gel (follow the directions on the bottle) to a dollop of your face moisturiser. In other words, don’t apply the gel to the entire bottle of moisturiser; put some moisturiser in your palm and mix in the self-tanning gel.

DO NOT apply the extra-concentrated gel directly to your face as they’re designed for mixing!

3. Be Sure to Blend

After you’ve applied your tanning drops, you want to blend any excess away from your hairline or anywhere it might settle. Use a makeup blending sponge to gently buff and blend the colour for a more natural-looking tan.

4. Have Patience

Self-tanning drops for your face and body can take several hours to develop, so you need to wait it out before reapplying. Read the directions to get an idea of how long it’ll take to see your fully developed glow.

5. How to Get the Most from Your Tanning Gel

Now that you know how easily self-tanning gel can be added to your skincare routine, let’s talk about keeping that glow looking fierce!

Avoid exfoliating too much to keep your tan from fading too quickly. Instead, exfoliate your skin gently, no more than once a week, while you’re rocking your new tan.

Keep your skin moisturised by regularly applying a good-quality lotion or cream. This will help prevent your tan from becoming patchy or fading unevenly.

Don’t forget to reapply to keep your tan looking fresh! As with any self-tanner, regular application is key to maintaining a healthy-looking glow. Luckily, with self-tanning gel, it’s incredibly easy to reapply as needed. Simply add some self-tanning gel to your body lotion or face moisturiser for a glowing tan all year long.

Are you interested in learning more about getting a glow all year round? Check out our blog for everything tanning, skin and beauty related!

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