How to Accelerate Tanning Safely This Summer Without Sunburn

How to Accelerate Tanning Safely This Summer Without Sunburn

Want to soak up the sunshine and achieve a bronzed bod without the risk of looking like a lobster? With the right approach, plus our all-new tanning kit, it really is glow-so-easy. Read on to How to accelerate tanning safely this summer without sunburn.

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From beachside secrets to savvy skincare tips, we've got the golden rules for fun under the sun – with no afterburn.

Apply & Reapply SPF!

Let’s be perfectly clear – no tan on earth is worth risking a sunburn! To build a natural colour the sun-smart way, always apply a high-SPF, broad-spectrum sunscreen before sun exposure. Not only will this protect you against burning UVB rays, but it will also shield you from prematurely ageing UVA. After all, nobody wants to look like an old leather handbag! 

Reapply sun protection, such as our tanning gel SPF15 every two hours, as well as after swimming or sweaty activity.

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Use a Tan Accelerator

Instead of sun baking with bare, unprotected skin, build your natural glow the smart way with a tan booster with SPF. Formulated to boost your natural tanning effect while protecting skin against damaging UVA and UVB rays, our tanning gel SPF15 is the perfect product to stash in your beach bag. 

With a non-sticky, fast-absorbed formula, it contains tan-boosting ingredient, MelinOIL™. A powerful biomimetic peptide, MelinOIL™ is clinically proven to increase melanin synthesis by 39%* while protecting against photo ageing!

Delivering a 77% increase in DNA protection from UV-induced free radical damage*, it also reduces sun-induced skin irritation and redness by 20%*. So the real question is, can you afford to spend time in the sun this summer without it?

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Remember That More Isn’t Always More

2 hours good, 5 hours better, right? Not exactly. Your unique melanin cut-off point will determine how long you’ll continue to gain bronzing benefits from being outdoors. For most people, this is around 2 to 3 hours. 

Spending longer in the sun won’t get you any more tanning gains and could lead to dehydration and sun damage – especially if you’re not vigilant in reapplying your SPF. So, when your time’s up? Call it a day.

Avoid (or Take Extra Care) During Peak UV Periods

For sun-smart tanning, consider heading outside in ‘off-peak’ UV hours. The sun is at its hottest, and UV radiation at its most intense, in the middle part of the day. Depending on where you live and the season you’re in, the timing may differ by an hour or so. But, as a general rule, consider doing most of your tanning before 10am and after 4pm, particularly if you’re ultra-fair. 

If you’re out in the middle of the day, limit your time, regularly reapply your SPF and take breaks in the shade.

Switch Up Your Position Frequently

For an even, all-over tan, switch up your position on the reg. As well as ensuring your back matches your front, this will help prevent you from getting too much sun exposure in any one area. 

Roll over every 15-30 minutes – and consider setting an alarm so you don’t drift off.


Once your colour starts to build, you want to make sure it sticks around. So, keeping your skin well-hydrated and moisturised is essential to avoid any unwanted peeling or natural shedding of parched, dehydrated skin cells. It’s also a good idea to up your exfoliation routine before attempting to tan, as a smooth canvas can help you keep that sun-kissed look for longer. 

Delivering lightweight hydration, our luxurious tanning gel SPF15 will keep skin soft and supple, while prolonging the life of your glow. Boosting circulation and increasing radiance with cacao, it contains moisturising pineapple – and antioxidant-rich watermelon seed oil to heal and repair skin post sun-exposure.

Skip the Tanning Bed

Think indoor tanning is safer than outdoor sun tanning? This long-standing tanning myth has been thoroughly debunked. According to The Skin Cancer Foundation, tanning beds mainly emit longer-wavelength UVA rays, which have been strongly linked to melanoma.  So, get out of bed and go outdoors – protected with Tan Boosting Body Oil, of course!

Got all that? Now you’re ready to build a natural glow the fast, sun-smart way with our tan-accelerating body oil! For more skin and tanning tips, check out our blog.

Expanded Knowledge:

  • B Tan Spray: B Tan Spray provides an easy way to achieve a sun-kissed glow. It offers a streak-free finish for a natural-looking tan.

  • Shine Brown Tanning Lotion: Shine Brown Tanning Lotion enhances your skin's radiance while delivering a sun-kissed glow without the risk of sunburn.

  • Professional Spray Tan Starter Kit: A Professional Spray Tan Starter Kit includes essential tools for offering professional-quality spray tans, ensuring a flawless application.

  • Sunless Tanning Spray: Sunless Tanning Spray offers a safe alternative to sunbathing, providing an even, streak-free tan without UV damage.

  • Best Spray Tan Kit: The Best Spray Tan Kit includes high-quality products for achieving a flawless tan at home, offering convenience and professional results.

  • Glow Spray Tan: Glow Spray Tan provides a radiant, sun-kissed glow without sun exposure, ensuring an even and natural-looking tan.

  • Airbrush Tanning Kit: An Airbrush Tanning Kit includes tools for achieving a customized tan with precision and control, delivering professional-quality results.

  • Spray Tan for Black Skin: Spray Tan for Black Skin offers specially formulated solutions designed to enhance darker skin tones, ensuring a natural-looking tan.

  • Bronzing Spray: Bronzing Spray delivers an instant bronze glow for special occasions or everyday use, providing quick and easy application.

  • Golden Tan: Golden Tan products deliver a radiant, golden glow to the skin, enhancing natural beauty without sun exposure.

  • Spray Tan City Beds: Spray Tan City Beds offer a convenient way to achieve a sunless tan, providing even coverage for a flawless result.

  • Sun Tan City Instant Bed: Sun Tan City Instant Beds offer a quick and easy way to achieve a sun-kissed glow in minutes, with adjustable settings for customized results.

  • Sun Bronze Tan: Sun Bronze Tan products provide a natural-looking tan without sunburn, ensuring a golden glow that lasts.


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