How to Tan Your Back – The Complete Guide

How to Tan Your Back – The Complete Guide

For many self-tanners , there comes a time when they're faced with a dilemma: How to apply fake tan gel to their back when they're home alone? Without an extra pair of hands, it can feel like a feat of gymnastics. And at worst, a potential shoulder injury.

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Luckily, the advent of the back applicator has come to the rescue of fake glow lovers everywhere. Plus, our guide to essential tanning. Read on to learn how to get perfect, even results when tanning your back.


Prep by exfoliating 

Just like the rest of your body, prepping your back is crucial for an even, streak-free tan. Use an exfoliating mitt, body brush, loofah, or body scrub to remove dry, dead skin cells. This clears dull, flaky areas and residual tan, while unclogging pores for a smooth, blemish-free canvas.

Pro tip: If using a body scrub, do so 24 hours before tanning and shower again before applying tan. Scrubs often contain oils that can interfere with tan development. If using a brush, mitt, or loofah, exfoliate a few hours before tanning.

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Choose your self-tanner gel wisely

To ensure you don't miss any spots when tanning your back, it's best to use a tanning mousse that absorbs quickly and provides a handy reference color. For example, our peach-scented intensive tanning product. Available in Medium, Dark and Extra Dark, this cruelty-free, tropical-scented self-tanning gel applies like a dream and is tinted so you can see where you're applying it Location. and any areas you accidentally missed.

Our highly regarded tanning gel is also formulated with a green-grey base and 100% natural DHA to prevent any orange tones. Plus, it smells like tropical watermelon and peaches rather than the overpowering cookie ping pong note common in many tanners.

Apply with a back tan applicator

Apply with a back tan applicator 

For those solo tanning sessions, mastering the art of back tanning is a game-changer.Back Tan Applicator, designed with a velvety soft texture and hypoallergenic material, simplifies the process, even for hard-to-reach areas.

Start by dispensing a generous amount of our tanning foam onto the applicator's center. Then, grip each handle and glide the applicator from side to side across your back, ensuring an even application from top to bottom.

Achieve that flawless, streak-free back tan effortlessly. And for any touch-ups, our tanning glove has you covered!

Moisturise that back

Moisturise that back

Ensuring your skin is well hydrated is crucial for a long-lasting sunless tan. Hydrated skin not only helps with even application, but also prevents the tan from clinging to dry patches. Before tanning, make sure to moisturize regularly to create a smooth canvas. After tanning, moisturize with body moisturizer after showering to keep your skin glowing. It's packed with antioxidants and nourishing oils like virgin coconut oil and cocoa butter to keep your skin soft and youthful.

Remove all traces of tan before reapplying

Remove all traces of tan before reapplying 

To maintain an even tan, exfoliate lightly every three days to promote even fading. Before reapplying tan, ensure all remnants of the old tan are removed by thorough exfoliation. This prevents patchiness and ensures a smooth application. Enjoy your tanning routine!

Want more? Check out our blog for more essential tanning tips and tricks. 

Knowledge Expansion

Knowledge Expansion

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