6 Strategies to Steer Clear of Common Self-Tanning Mistakes!

6 Strategies to Steer Clear of Common Self-Tanning Mistakes!

Orange feet, stained clothes and freaky-looking streaks... There’s no denying bad tans can sometimes happen to good people – but guess what? You don’t have to be among them. With a few simple self-tan tips and tricks, you can achieve a flawless and natural-looking self tan that will leave you feeling confident and sun-kissed all year round.

From choosing the right tanning products to stepping up your prep and acing your application, here are the goof-proof self-tan tips and tricks that will help end unnecessary tan-trums. So say goodbye to those self-tan mishaps and get ready to glow with our expert advice!

Read on for six easy ways to avoid self-tanning mistakes – and the essentials you need to master your faux glow like a pro.

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Different tanning products work best for different parts of your bod and for below-the-chin bronzing, nothing beats a self-tanning mousse. Smooth and silky, tanning foams or mousses give the easiest, most even application. Especially when applied with a tanning mitt to freshly exfoliated skin. Spreading and blending like a dream, they help you nail that top-to-toe glow without any unsightly streaking.

Most formulas also come with a guide colour, so they eliminate any missed-a-spot mishaps. And you can even choose a tanner that helps firm and hydrate your body, like our tanning gel SPF15 and peach fragrance intensive boost tanning. Made with CellushapeTM technology and nourishing raw virgin coconut, our anning gel SPF15, peach fragrance intensive boost tanning cares for your skin as it imparts a gorgeous, sun-kissed hue.

If there’s one thing that gives the fake tanning game away, it’s hands and – to a lesser extent – feet. So, even when using a tanning mousse, make sure you give those fingers and toes a little extra TLC. Dry and bony, these areas like to drink up the bronzing active, DHA. And they also have creases that can absorb too much product or, on the flip side, none at all. 

To prevent putting your foot in it during your next glow-up, make sure your hands and feet (and other dry areas like knees and elbows) are well exfoliated. Moisturise these areas before tanning, paying extra attention to your knuckles and the skin between your fingers and toes. You can also apply a dab of protective petroleum jelly to your nails if you’re not wearing polish. 

After tanning your body, use the leftover mousse on your mitt to tan your hands and feet. Make a claw shape to avoid pasty knuckles when you move your hands, then blend, blend, blend using a kabuki brush. You can also apply your tanner with your brush, just remember that a little goes a very long way on these tricky areas.

3. Tan your face with hydrating tanning products

For the face, neck and dec, a hydrating tanning tanning is the way to go. The last thing you want to do is sacrifice your smooth, clear complexion for the sake of a tan – so steer clear of cheap and nasty formulas packed with alcohol and other drying nasties. While you can use a good quality body tanner like our tanning products all over, facial formulas are often infused with hydrating ingredients that make them ideal for more sensitive facial skin.

There are, of course, different types of facial tanners, but a tanning is a must-have due to its ease of application and super-fast absorption. With advanced tanning

technology that ensures a hands-free, flawless, even glow, our peach fragrance intensive boost tanning is super-easy to use and packed with skin-loving ingredients that prolong your tan. With a rejuvenating and firming antioxidant complex, it contains hyaluronic acid-like plant active HyalurosmoothTM to boost hydration by 40% for plumper and radiant skin.

4. Protect your bangs, brows and hairline

If you’re fair-haired, it’s always a good idea to protect your bangs and brows before smear your face with a self tanner. And it’s a non-negotiable before a smear tan. To keep your hair the hue nature (or your colourist) intended, use a slick of petroleum jelly on your brows and pull your strands back with a hair wrap or band, making sure your hairline is covered. Do be careful to spray as close as possible to the hairline though, or you risk ending up with a ghostly halo.

Hot, humid weather is the enemy of a long-lasting, even tan, so make sure you give your faux glow a fighting chance from the get-go. To prevent streakiness, avoid applying your fake tan in a steamy bathroom, as this hothouse environment will keep your tanner from drying properly and doing its job. 

Apply your tan in front of a fan or in an airconditioned room and try to keep your cool as it develops (that’s as little as two hours with our peach fragrance intensive boost tanning). Once your tan’s set you’re all good to sweat.

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6. Don’t get dressed too quickly after applying self tanner products

We get it – nobody wants to stand around watching paint dry. But when it comes to fake tanning, it’s best to exercise some patience to prevent staining your clothes. To keep your colour where it belongs – on your body – we recommend waiting for around 15 minutes, or until your tan is fully dry, before getting dressed. 

Even then, it’s a good idea to bypass the skinny jeans and tight strappy tops and pop on something loose, dark and comfy until it’s time to shower. With our peach fragrance intensive boost tanning, you can rinse after two hours or leave it on overnight, depending on how dark you want to go. After your shower, the world’s your oyster. Feel free to pop on your favourite white top – or whatever takes your fancy.

Ready to master the art of tanning? With these self tanner tips and our all-new Tan Masters Kit, you’re good to glow.

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