Exploring 6 Tanning FAQs: Myth or Reality?

Exploring 6 Tanning FAQs: Myth or Reality?

Self-tanning products often spark polarizing opinions, hailed as either a holy grail beauty essential or a dreaded cosmetic nightmare. The plethora of horror stories swirling around these products can make even the most seasoned beauty enthusiast apprehensive. To clear up these questions and misconceptions, we’ve listed six common concerns about tanning and clearly debunked them. Intrigued? Keep reading to separate fact from fiction...

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1. Does fake tan look fake?

Resigned to the fact your fake tan will probably look a little, well, fake? Don’t be. While we've all seen tan fails, 90% of Cheetos tans and high-visibility shades are the result of using cheap and dirty formulas. One that’s made with poor quality DHA and harsh ingredients that dry out your skin and, if you’re extra lucky, cause breakouts.

Here’s the good news, tanning disasters are a thing of the past once you know what to look out for.

Our tips? For a beautifully bronzed (rather than awfully orange) result, your first step is to skip the chemical-packed self-tanners gel and instead choose a quality product with natural DHA. Next, make sure it comes chock-full of antioxidants and natural hydrators to make your skin glow. Last but not least, check if it has a greenish-grey undertone which will eliminate any redness and suit all skin tones. Hmmm, now if only we knew where to find a self-tanner gel like that…?

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2. Does artificial glow provide sun protection?

Brighter eyes, chiseled abs, accentuated cheekbones – the wonders of a self-tan are plenty. However, shielding you from harmful UV rays is not among its magical abilities!

Let's be clear: A faux tan doesn't equate to natural melanin and won't provide any extra defense against the sun's rays. So, whether you're basking on the beach or flaunting your faux glow elsewhere, remember to stay just as sun-conscious as ever!

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3. Can you skip tan prep and still get a great tan?

Efficiency is key, but some corners simply shouldn't be cut. And when it comes to self-tanning, prep work is just as crucial as selecting the right formula and mastering the application technique!

For seasoned self-tanners, this means prioritizing a thorough exfoliation session the day before (or at least six hours prior to) tanning. Why? Because self-tanner gel tends to latch onto dry, rough patches, making exfoliation essential to prevent unsightly streaks and ensure an even fade.

Seeking silky-smooth results? Don't forget to schedule your hair removal session 12-24 hours ahead of self-tanning. This timeframe allows ample opportunity for follicles to close, preventing the formation of dot-like patterns on your legs and minimizing the risk of irritation.

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4. Do all self-tanning products stink?

If you've ever attempted to cozy up with your significant other after applying self-tanner gel overnight, you may have encountered a less-than-warm reception. Let's face it – some self-tanning products emit a rather peculiar and potent odor.

This distinctive scent, reminiscent of sweet yet slightly off-putting baked goods, arises from the chemical reaction between DHA, the tanning gel, and your skin. That's why our peach fragrance intensive boost tanning has the delightful tropical scent of watermelon and peach. Bid farewell to any biscuit-like odors and say hello to blissful tropical island vibes from the moment you apply it until the color fully develops!

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5. Is the darker the formula, the better?

While "Have the best or not" may be your Friday night motto, it's best to kick that mentality out of your tanning routine. One of the most common mistakes leading to an unnatural tan is selecting a shade much darker than your natural skin tone.

Tanning products formulated for darker skin tones contain a higher concentration of DHA. If you slather on too much of these potent formulas on a fair complexion, the risk of turning orange becomes all too real. So trust us, tanning gel SPF15 is your best bet, stick to our medium (lightest) shade. If your skin tone is olive or dark, choose a darker or extra-dark color for best results.

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6. Will there be marks left after tanning?

If you believe that achieving a sun-kissed look inevitably comes with streaks, it's time to reconsider. Thanks to UKLOVE foolproof color-guide formula, missing a spot or resembling a zebra is virtually impossible. Our tanning gel SPF15 ensures even results with every tanning session. Say goodbye to streaks and hello to flawlessly even, sun-kissed skin!

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knowledge expansion

knowledge expansion

Exploring the world of tanning products can help you achieve that perfect sun-kissed look while protecting your skin. Here are some top recommendations and tips to consider:

  1. Best Sunscreen That Allows You to Tan: If you're looking for a sunscreen that provides protection but still allows for some tanning, opt for products with a lower SPF. These sunscreens balance protection with a natural tanning process.

  2. That's Sun Makeup: Sun makeup products are designed to enhance your tan and provide a glowing complexion. They often contain bronzing elements to give your skin a radiant look.

  3. Best Sunscreen for Tanning: When tanning outdoors, choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen that protects against UVA and UVB rays while promoting an even tan. Look for sunscreens labeled specifically for tanning.

  4. Best Tanning Lotion with SPF: Combining tanning lotion with SPF is a smart way to tan safely. These lotions provide a bronzed look while protecting your skin from harmful sun exposure.

  5. Best Cheap Fake Tan: Budget-friendly fake tan products can still provide great results. Look for highly-rated affordable options that deliver a natural-looking tan without breaking the bank.

  6. Best Men's Tanning Moisturiser: Men’s tanning moisturizers are designed to hydrate the skin while providing a subtle tan. These products are often formulated to be non-greasy and quick-absorbing.

  7. Best Pregnancy Safe Self Tanner: For expectant mothers, choosing a pregnancy-safe self-tanner is crucial. Look for products that are free from harmful chemicals and safe for both you and your baby.

  8. Best Waterproof Instant Tan: Waterproof instant tan products are perfect for events or beach days. They provide a quick tan that won’t wash off in the water, ensuring you stay bronzed all day.

  9. Best Tanning Oil with SPF: Tanning oils with SPF protect your skin while enhancing your tan. They often contain nourishing ingredients like coconut oil to keep your skin hydrated and glowing.

  10. Best Tanning Oil for Sensitive Skin: For those with sensitive skin, choose tanning oils formulated without harsh chemicals. Hypoallergenic options ensure you get a beautiful tan without irritation.

  11. Best Sunscreen for Sensitive Skin: Sunscreens for sensitive skin are gentle and free from fragrances and parabens. They provide effective sun protection while being kind to your skin.

  12. Best Sunscreen for Face Tanning: Facial sunscreens designed for tanning protect the delicate skin on your face while promoting an even tan. These products are non-comedogenic, ensuring they won’t clog pores.

  13. Best Sunscreen for Outdoor Tanning: For outdoor tanning, opt for a sunscreen with a good balance of protection and tanning enhancement. Broad-spectrum SPF 30 is a good choice to prevent sunburn while allowing for a gradual tan.

  14. Best Sunscreen for Indoor Tanning: Indoor tanning sunscreens are designed to protect your skin from the intense UV rays of tanning beds. They often contain moisturizing elements to keep your skin hydrated during the tanning session.

By incorporating these products into your tanning routine, you can achieve a beautiful, even tan while keeping your skin protected and healthy.

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