How To Self-Tan Your Face The Right Way

How To Self-Tan Your Face The Right Way

Dreaming of a radiant complexion but hesitant about applying self-tanner gel, fearing a muddy or patchy outcome? We understand. Self-tanning your face might seem daunting, but with the right product and our foolproof steps, achieving a flawless result is entirely within reach.

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For a natural, sun-kissed radiance reminiscent of a Bali getaway, we've crafted this indispensable glow guide. Here's your roadmap to flawlessly self-tanning your face – maintaining hydration, preserving your pillowcase, and safeguarding your confidence. Keep reading!

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1. Start with good quality tanning gel

Your tan is only as good as the product you use, so start with the best when bronzing your face. While there are a bunch of different facial tanning products and formulas, tanning gel are our pick as they’re totally foolproof. Super-hydrating and user-friendly, they’re also ideal as they put YOU in control of how dark you want to go.

Look for tan gel that are alcohol-free (read: non-drying), packed with hydrators, and powered by a natural source of tanning active, DHA – like our tanning gel SPF15! Made to mix into your moisturiser, our tanning gel are bursting with clean, cruelty-free botanical goodness and 100% natural DHA. In medium and dark shades for a custom glow, they’re made with 5 types of hydrating, skin-plumping hyaluronic acid, smoothing, firming coconut water, radiance-boosting dragonfruit, and free-radical-fighting fig.

In other words? They deliver a gorgeous tan, while showing your complexion some serious TLC.

2. Get your prep on

Just like your bod, your face needs to be prepped before fake tanning. Self-tanner loves to cling to dry spots, so make sure you exfoliate to ensure an even application and prevent patchy results. Around 24 hours before your glow-up, slough away those dead skin cells with a gentle facial scrub or chemical exfoliant (like AHA wipes or a serum).

When you’re ready to tan, cleanse your face thoroughly and remove your makeup. A double cleanse might be necessary here. Tanning gel love a smooth, dry canvas, so make sure yours is free of product residue as oils interfere with DHA development.

Apply tanning gel on face

3. Apply self-tanner gel to your face

Now, onto the exciting part – time to dive into your tanning drops! Begin by dispensing your usual amount of moisturizer into your palm. Add a few of tanning gel and mix thoroughly.

While you may be tempted to apply more all at once, we recommend starting conservatively with a little bit and working your way up until you reach your desired color level.

Once the gel have blended into your moisturizer, apply the mixture to your face and neck. Massage it in, ensuring to blend along your hairline for a seamless finish. If you have light blonde hair, be cautious around your eyebrows or consider using a bit of petroleum jelly or moisturizer as a protective barrier.

After application, thoroughly wash your hands and refrain from applying makeup or other products to your skin for at least 8 hours if possible. This is crucial as while you'll notice your glow emerging in 2 hours, it takes around 8-12 hours for your tan to fully develop.

Our recommendation? Apply your tanning drops at night to allow them to work their magic undisturbed as you sleep. Just keep in mind they're not transfer-proof, so opt for a less precious pillowcase.

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4. Top up as needed for a custom glow

The beauty of tanning gel lies in their ability to provide a completely customizable, gradual glow. They offer the perfect solution to enhance your complexion, whether you prefer a subtle hint of radiance or a more pronounced bronze, all tailored to YOUR preferences.

Moreover, they serve as an effective tool for harmonizing your facial and body tan. Given the regular washing and skincare treatments featuring ingredients like retinol and hydroxy acids, faux tan tends to fade faster on the face than the body. By adding a bit of tanning gel to your nightly facial moisturizer, you can ensure your face maintains a healthy glow while your body stays tanned.

Keep your skin hydrated

5. Commit to some simple aftercare

All tans need aftercare, and a faux facial glow is no different. To keep your skin looking dewy and radiant – and to prevent uneven fading – hydration is key. It’s therefore essential you moisturise once or twice daily.

Remember also that a faux-glow offers ZERO UV protection. This means a broad-spectrum high-SPF sunscreen is a non-negotiable. Apply yours after moisturising each morning and don’t forget to apply as needed throughout the day.

To ensure a natural, even fade, stick with your regular skincare and exfoliation routine. And if it takes your colour down a shade or two? Just add a little tanning gel to your night cream and you'll be glowing again in the morning.

*Note: our tan gel come in two shades. The Medium gel are ideal for lighter skin tones wanting a subtle, golden glow. Our Dark gel, on the other hand, work best for medium to dark skins seeking a back-from-a-beach-holiday kinda bronze.

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knowledge expansion

knowledge expansion

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