Showering Tips for Prolonging Your Fake Tan

Showering Tips for Prolonging Your Fake Tan

By now, you're likely aware that good preparation is crucial for achieving an even, long-lasting fake tan. But we're here to emphasize that post-tan care is equally vital—starting from your very first shower after bronzing your body!

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From the perfect water temperature to the recommended wait time before bathing, this article addresses all your questions about the proper timing and method for showering after applying a fake tan. Additionally, we offer essential aftercare guidance on hair removal, ingredients to avoid that could compromise your tan, and tips for preventing your facial tan from fading more quickly than the rest of your body. Keep reading for more details.

How soon after fake tanning should I shower?

The wait time before showering varies depending on the type of tan product you've used, whether it's a self-tanner or a gel tan. Nowadays, there are plenty of rapid-developing formulas that can be rinsed off after just 2 hours for a lighter tan, as well as traditional formulas meant to be left on the skin for 8 hours.

Whichever product you opt for, it's crucial to plan your application timing accordingly so you can shower without interruptions. Not great with timing? We often apply our tanning gel before bedtime, allowing us to wash it off upon waking after approximately 8 hours.

First shower after tanning

What are the golden rules for the first shower after tanning?

After allowing your tan to develop for the recommended 2 to 8 hours, it's time to rinse off the excess bronzer. During your first post-tan shower, keep it brief—just a couple of minutes will do. Save shampooing for another day, as certain ingredients can cause streaking. Also, avoid shaving or exfoliating during this shower.

Instead of using a washer or sponge, simply use your hands and lukewarm water to rinse your body until the water runs clear. It's best to skip using a body wash during this initial shower. However, if you must, opt for a hydrating formula that's free from sulfates and other chemicals that can strip color. pH-balancing Shower Gels, enriched with coconut water and aloe, are perfect choices. They're not only hydrating but also packed with prebiotics to promote a healthy skin microbiome and leave your skin glowing and hydrated.

As for your face, if you feel the need for a thorough cleanse after tanning, stick to a gentle face wash without exfoliating ingredients or acids that could compromise your tan.

Moisturizer to replenish moisture

I’m clean. What should I do now?

After showering, softly pat your body dry with a gentle towel. Refrain from rubbing, as this can inadvertently remove your tan and result in an uneven appearance. Since many fake tans tend to dry out the skin, it's essential to replenish moisture with a deeply hydrating body lotion or cream (we'll discuss this further later on). Avoid products containing acne-fighting or anti-aging ingredients like salicylic acid or retinol. Apply your moisturizer while your skin is still slightly damp for optimal hydration.

Help! I’m still pasty…

If you showered after only a couple of hours, you might find that your skin isn't as bronzed as you anticipated. No need to worry! Your tan will continue to develop and deepen over the next few hours (and a tan gel can take up to 24 hours to fully develop).

That brown water you see going down the drain? It's not your tan washing away; it's simply the cosmetic bronzer that tanning products include to assist with application. Pretty smart, right?

Sulfate-free body wash

What else can I do to prolong my tan?

Since fake tan adheres to our dead skin cells, it typically lasts about 5-7 days due to the natural shedding of our skin. To maintain your tan for as long as possible, it's vital to keep your skin hydrated. Aim to shower once daily if feasible, keeping showers brief and lukewarm, opting for a sulfate-free body wash, and remembering to moisturize your skin thoroughly.

Can I still shave and exfoliate?

Hair removal should be part of your tanning prep, but you'll likely still need to shave during the week following fake tanning. Since shaving essentially exfoliates the skin, it unavoidably removes some of your tan. However, you can minimize this by waiting at least 24 hours after applying fake tan gel before shaving. Using a fresh razor and applying moisturizer, while shaving with gentle pressure, can also help reduce color loss.

As for scrubbing or exfoliating the skin, light exfoliation can actually be beneficial. While you should avoid being too aggressive, gentle exfoliation can promote even fading of your tan, resulting in fewer streaks or patches as it fades. This means less preparation when you're ready for your next self-tanning session.

After tanning, take a few days off to enjoy your glow, then start incorporating gentle exfoliation every three days using an exfoliating mitt or non-drying body scrub.

(Want your tan to last even longer? Check out our previous article for more tips for prolonging your fake tan.)

tanning gel SPF15

Help! How can I stop my face from fading faster than my body?

If you're a regular user of fake tan, you probably notice that your facial tan tends to fade quicker than the rest of your body, especially if you use skincare products containing exfoliating ingredients like alpha or beta-hydroxy acids. To combat this, consider adding a small amount of tanning gel to your nighttime moisturizer to extend your tan. Our dermatologist-approved tanning gel SPF15, enriched with hyaluronic acid and free from alcohol, are perfect for maintaining healthy, hydrated skin with a long-lasting glow.

Knowledge Expansion

Knowledge Expansion

Sun Tan Enhancer: Sun tan enhancers are products designed to accelerate the tanning process by stimulating melanin production in the skin. They often contain ingredients like tyrosine or melanin-boosting peptides.

Tan Enhancer for Sunbeds: These are specifically formulated products used before tanning in sunbeds to amplify and deepen the tan achieved from indoor tanning sessions.

Best Indoor Tanning Accelerator: Indoor tanning accelerators are lotions or creams that help to intensify and speed up the tanning process when using indoor tanning beds. They often contain bronzers and moisturizing agents.

Best Tanning Bed Accelerator: Tanning bed accelerators are products designed to maximize the effects of tanning bed sessions by promoting melanin production and moisturizing the skin.

Best Tanning Drops: Tanning drops are concentrated solutions that can be added to your favorite moisturizer to customize the intensity of your tan. They provide a gradual and customizable tan without exposure to UV rays.

Go to Black Sunbed Cream: This is a type of tanning accelerator specifically formulated for use in sunbeds, often containing bronzers and other ingredients to enhance and deepen the tan achieved.

Fox Tan Rapid Accelerator: Fox Tan Rapid Accelerator is a popular tanning accelerator known for its ability to speed up the tanning process and deepen the tan in a shorter amount of time.

Best Outdoor Tanning Accelerator: Outdoor tanning accelerators are products designed to enhance and accelerate the tanning process when exposed to natural sunlight. They often contain moisturizers, bronzers, and SPF protection.

Bronzing Tanning Bed: A bronzing tanning bed is a type of tanning bed equipped with special lamps that emit UV rays to promote a bronzed tan while also providing moisturizing benefits.

Best Bronzer for Tanning Bed: Bronzers for tanning beds are products applied to the skin before tanning to enhance and deepen the tan achieved from tanning bed sessions. They often contain moisturizing ingredients and may have a tint to provide instant color.

Best Light Fake Tan: Light fake tans refer to self-tanning products that provide a subtle, natural-looking tan suitable for those with fair skin tones. They usually contain lower concentrations of DHA for a lighter tan effect.

Best Dark Tanning Bed Lotion: Dark tanning bed lotions are formulated to provide a deep, rich tan when used in tanning beds. They often contain bronzers and moisturizers to enhance and prolong the tan.

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