The Tan Commandments

The Tan Commandments

From the importance of prepping for self-tanning and choosing the right color, to tips for avoiding orange palms and streaky elbows—make no mistake. For a flawless faux glow every time, you must always follow our 10 tan commandments!

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1. DO your prep

We've said it many times before, and we'll keep saying it—good prep is essential for a flawless fake tan! Thorough exfoliation removes dry, dead skin cells, preventing streaks and ensuring your tan looks beautiful, even, and patch-free as it fades.

To prep correctly, exfoliate from head to toe at least 6 hours before tanning. For silky smooth results, waxing or shaving should be done 12-24 hours before applying self-tanner gel. This allows hair follicles to close, reducing the risk of irritation and preventing those annoying little dot marks. Using exfoliating gloves is recommended!

2. DON’T buy the cheapest formula

There are plenty of beauty products you can save on and still achieve great results, like mascara, hairspray, and lip gloss. Unfortunately, self-tanner isn’t one of them.

Cheap tanning products often contain low-quality synthetic DHA and harsh, drying ingredients, leaving your skin dehydrated and frequently an unnatural shade of orange. So, consider skipping that second coffee for a few days and invest in a quality product you won’t regret!

DO use an applicator mitt

3. DO use an applicator mitt

Muddy palms can easily reveal your faux glow secret, so keep them protected. Using a tanning mitt to apply self-tanner gel is a must—not only does it prevent your hands from absorbing too much product, but it also makes the application quick and easy.

A velvety mitt allows the tanning gel to glide evenly over your body, reaching all the nooks and crannies and smoothly covering tricky areas (we’re looking at you, knees).

4. DON’T choose a colour that’s too dark

In the summer heat, it’s tempting to grab the darkest tanning formula available. However, if you have pale or light skin, going too dark isn’t the best idea.

Why? The darker the formula, the higher the DHA concentration. Using too much DHA for your natural skin tone can lead to an orange-tinted, fake tan disaster.

To play it safe, we recommend our Medium tan for pale or light skin, Dark for olive to medium skin, and Ultra Dark for medium to dark skin. (Note: if you’re olive-skinned or darker, you have more leeway and can opt for a darker shade if desired.)

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5. DO choose a green-grey base

To avoid looking like a Cheeto, it's crucial to choose a self-tanner gel with the right undertone. The most universally flattering is a green-grey base—just like the one used in our tanning gel SPF15! Not only does a green-grey base eliminate any traces of orange, but it also helps correct pink tones and enhances the bronzing effect for darker skin tones.

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6. DON’T forget to protect your hairline

Blonde bombshell? Keep it that way by remembering to protect your hair while tanning. Throw your hair into a bun and put on a headband. Then, apply a bit of moisturizer along your hairline, don't forget those barely-there brows, Our hair line powder will definitely suit you!

7. DO go easy on elbows, knees and dry bits

If you've ever self-tanned before, you know that knees and elbows can be a bit tricky. Often overlooked, they can be drier than the desert, causing them to soak up tanner and look patchy.

The key to tanning these areas successfully? Pay extra attention to dry spots when exfoliating and moisturize like crazy before self-tanning.

Another helpful trick is to apply a bit of moisturizer to your knees, elbows, ankles, wrists, and knuckles before tanning. This acts as a barrier cream, preventing excessive product absorption. Applying while your limbs are bent also helps get into all the creases.

(For more tips on dealing with elbows, knees, ears, and even toes, check out our article on how to self-tan those tricky spots.)

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8. DON’T change into your best clothes

Sure, our tanning gel SPF15 dries quickly. However, you still don't want to risk staining your favorite white dress if you start sweating! While your tan develops, opt for loose, dark, comfortable clothing—and if possible, skip the bra. Once you've showered off the bronzer, you can wear whatever you like!

9. DO apply to clean, dry skin

For optimal self-tanning results, always apply your gel or lotion to clean, dry, well-prepared skin. This means skipping body lotion (except for areas that need extra protection) and avoiding perfumes or deodorants, which can interfere with the formula.

10. DON’T exfoliate or shave afterwards

Now that you have a gorgeous tan, it would be a shame to wash it away! Wait at least 3-4 days before exfoliating or shaving, and make sure to hydrate daily with a luxurious body moisturizer to prolong your glow!

Expanded Knowledge

Expanded Knowledge:

Self-tanning has become increasingly popular for those seeking a quick, convenient way to achieve a bronzed complexion without the harmful effects of UV exposure. However, to ensure a flawless result, proper preparation and tools are essential. Spray tan accessories are crucial for this process, ensuring you have the right spray tan bottle, spray tan packages, and dry tanning oil. Utilizing these accessories at home for self-tanning not only saves money but also maintains comfort and privacy.

When purchasing self-tanning products, you may consider the cost of spray tan near me. Typically, you can find better price deals in spray tan packages near me. Look for tanning wholesale nearby to find the most suitable options for you.

Another factor to consider is the artificial tanning cost. If you want to know the cost of spray tan, you can search for spray tan near me airbrush to find the most suitable option.

Spray tan packages often include self-tanning products and related accessories such as spray bottles and tanning oils. These packages offer an all-in-one tanning solution, allowing you to achieve the desired bronzed look effortlessly at home.

Dry tanning oil is another option worth considering. Compared to traditional liquid tanning products, dry tanning oil dries faster, leaving no sticky residue and allowing you to immediately put on clothes or continue with your daily activities.

Fastest tanning oil is a convenient choice for those seeking an instant result. These products typically feature quick-drying properties, leaving no residue on the skin.

In selecting tanning products, you may also want to consider sunless tanning store. These products are often available at wholesale prices, allowing you to purchase them at a more affordable rate.

While spray tan remains a popular tanning method, wash off self-tanner is a better option for those who dislike the commitment. These products allow you to achieve the desired complexion within hours and easily wash off when needed.

In the pursuit of the perfect tan, people often explore various tanning methods, including airbrush sun and nasal tanning spray. Nasal tanning spray is a relatively newer product claiming to deliver tanning effects directly to the nasal cavity through spray application. However, reviews and feedback on this product are relatively scarce.

Some individuals may take interest in airbrush sun, which involves quickly achieving a bronzed complexion by spraying tanning solution onto the skin's surface. However, for optimal results, selecting high-quality airbrush sun products is crucial. These products often come with professional-grade airbrush machines to ensure even application and long-lasting effects.

While nasal tanning spray and airbrush sun may be novel options for some, it's essential to approach their selection with caution and explore user reviews and feedback to ensure choosing the most suitable product.


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