The Fastest & Simplest Route to Achieving a Self-Tan – No Sacrifices Needed!

The Fastest & Simplest Route to Achieving a Self-Tan – No Sacrifices Needed!

Great things come to those who are patient – but waiting a long time for the perfect self-tan shouldn't be necessary! From selecting the ideal formula to prepping your skin and applying it correctly, here's the fastest and simplest method to achieve a radiant self-tan – with guaranteed satisfaction!

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Choose a formula built for speed

If time is of the essence, you need to look at both the type of formula and the developing time. For speed and ease of application, a lightweight tanning, like our award-winning peach fragrance intensive boost tanning, is the way to go. Non-sticky and non-drying, the velvety self-tan mousse spreads like a dream for an ultra-even, natural-looking tan.

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Go for a tinted tanner

Unless you’re a total tanning pro, you’re going to want to choose a tinted formula to ensure you can see if you’ve missed a spot. The tanning gel SPF15 is totally goof-proof – with color guide technology that eliminates the chance of those tell-tale streaks. 

Your ultimate self-tan ritual

Now that you've chosen our award-winning tanning gel SPF15 for a quick and flawless tan, let's simplify your self-tanning routine.

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Before applying, exfoliate with an exfoliating mitt and shave for optimal smoothness. Skip moisturizing, but a small dab on areas like knees, elbows and ankles is advisable.


Utilize a tanning mitt to avoid orange palms. Begin at your feet, working your way up in a circular motion. Use minimal product and a gentler touch in less fleshy areas like your feet, wrists and neck. A kabuki brush is great for applying and blending tan on tricky areas like hands!


Allow the self-tanner to develop for a minimum of 2 hours or overnight for a deeper tan. Avoid tight clothing and moisture for the next few hours. When engaging in activities like showering, be gentle to maintain your flawless glow.

That’s it! All you need to know to get your best-ever glow. Shop our tanning gel SPF15 and peach fragrance intensive boost tanning now and you’ll receive a free tan pouch to celebrate our birthday!

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