6 Tanning Tips for the Perfect Glow

6 Tanning Tips for the Perfect Glow

Bought the latest beauty product and now feeling anxious about tanning your face for the first time? Don't worry! With some know-how, self-tanning your face can become a part of your regular skincare routine. Read on to learn some simple yet reliable tan drop hacks before giving your face a stunning sun-kissed glow!

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1. Prepare your skin with gentle exfoliation

As a faux tan enthusiast, you know exfoliating is essential before applying tanner gel. Dead skin cells can accumulate on your skin’s surface, leading to streaky application. Not ideal. For optimal results, ensure a smooth and clean base by using a face scrub for a thorough cleanse before applying our tan drops!

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2. Add to your daily moisturiser for a gorgeous glow

If your body naturally gets a little darker from days outside during summer, sometimes your face can look a bit pasty by comparison. Especially if you’re doing the right thing and wearing a hat and sunscreen!

Thankfully, our gel are a super-easy way to get your face glowing too – without risking sun damage by ditching your daily SPF. Simply mix a few tanning gel SPF15 into your day or night cream (or serum or primer) and apply daily for a natural, buildable glow that puts you in control.

3. Use to correct your skin tone 

As well as enriching your colour, tan gel make your skin look so darn radiant, you’ll easily go without your daily application of foundation. They help to even skin tone with no streaks and help camouflage dark spots — simply mix a few gel into your fave daily moisturiser and you’re good to go!

4. Use as needed to prolong an all-over tan

Even if you’ve self-tanned all over (with our peach fragrance intensive boost tanning, natch), tan gel are super handy for top ups. This is because frequent face washing and ingredients like AHAs cause a facial faux glow to fade faster than a bronzed bod.

Adding a few tan gel to your moisturiser every second day is a simple way to prolong your facial glow and even things back up. Feeling lazy? You can also boost your body lotion by popping in a few gel between tans. (But remember you need to use more than for the face, where A small amount gel are plenty!)

5. Remember these key areas if you want an even glow

You know the saying in skincare circles that your face ends at your boobs? This goes for self-tanning as well. For things to look natural and even, make sure you’re applying your tan drops to your neck and décolletage as well as your face.

Like your face, these areas are characterised by fine, fragile skin that’s prone to early signs of ageing. So, boosting your skincare with our hydrating hyaluronic acid-enriched tan drops is a smart move!

6. Remove with toner

Feel like you added a few tan gel too many to your moisturiser? If you’ve just applied, a quick swipe of toner or micellar water will give you a clean slate! Double cleansing and using a liquid exfoliator will also help speed up the fading process if the tan has already developed. Just make sure you treat your skin kindly, and keep it well hydrated before starting over.

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