How to Achieve a Long-Lasting Flawless Tan for Party Season and Beyond

How to Achieve a Long-Lasting Flawless Tan for Party Season and Beyond

Streaks, patchiness, uneven results? Amid the holiday rush, you deserve a perfect tan without the hassle. Meet the tanning gel SPF15 – your go-to for a flawless faux tan this busy season. We've discovered the secret to effortless self-tanning, ensuring you look fabulous all through the festivities. Let's delve into how this gel helps you achieve a radiant, long-lasting glow!

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Hydration for a Long-lasting Tan!

Staying hydrated at champagne-filled soirées is crucial not just for your health but for smooth, glowing skin. Drinking plenty of water and using hydrating skincare products will significantly enhance your fake tan, ensuring it lasts through the party season.

In addition to your usual serum and moisturizer, it's beneficial to amp up hydration with a self-tanner containing ingredients like hyaluronic acid. For a radiant glow, our tanning gel SPF15 is perfect, featuring HyalurosmoothTM, a plant-based HA-like active that boosts skin hydration by 40% in just 30 minutes*!

Below the neck, opt for a non-drying formula rich in moisturizing ingredients. Our top recommendation is the award-winning peach fragrance intensive boost tanning, which is infused with nourishing coconut oil and CellushapeTM to hydrate and firm your skin.

After tanning from head to toe, remember the job isn’t completely finished! To prolong your faux tan and prevent uneven fading, make moisturizing after each shower a priority.

Gel Technology for an Even, Natural Faux Tan

With all those parties to attend, you don’t want to waste time in the bathroom or wait for your tanning products to dry. Delivering a super even, easily absorbed application of tanning active DHA, a gel is a game changer when it comes to achieving the most even, natural-looking facial tan – applied in just 30 seconds.

With innovative gel technology, our tanning gel SPF15 delivers your most natural-looking party tan in a single application. Apply a light layer onto clean, dry skin, allow it to absorb for 30 seconds, then follow with your moisturizer, sunscreen, or makeup and watch your tan develop over six hours.

It’s that easy. No mixing into your moisturizer, no applicators – simply apply, go, and glow. Then top up your tan as often as needed.

Pro-tip: Exfoliating your face and body before bronzing is crucial to achieve an even, natural-looking tan.

Antioxidant Goodness for Smooth, Radiant Skin

If you’re not seeking out self-tanners with skincare ingredients by now, what are you even doing? A gorgeous glow really does start with skincare, and old-school, moisture-stripping tanning formulas should be left where they belong – in the past!

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For a tan that will dazzle at any party, choose a hydrating tanning formula that provides radiance-boosting AND skincare benefits. With innovative gel technology, our tanning gel SPF15 is like a serum you can apply. Its itty-bitty molecules mean it’s exceptional at delivering hydrating and anti-ageing properties to dehydrated, deflated, and partied-out skin.

As well as superstar active HyalurosmoothTM, the gel contains nourishing botanicals and Shadownyl™ – a marine seaweed extract and antioxidant that contains rejuvenating and firming properties, boosting collagen production by 93%**!

Ace your faux tan routine in 2 steps

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The perfect party tan routine includes using tanning gel SPF15 for a flawless faux tan application on the body, and peach fragrance intensive boost tanning for an effortlessly radiant glow on the face. And guess what? You can purchase both products in our Tan Masters Set.

Self-Tanning Knowledge Expansion

When exploring self-tanning products, additional information to give you a more comprehensive understanding of the world of self-tanning:

  • Full body spray tan: Look for nearby salons or beauty parlors that offer full-body spray tan services to ensure you achieve an even, natural-looking tan.
  • Spray tan set: A set containing spray tan products, which may include tanning spray, moisturizer, and products to prolong the tan.
  • Spray tan for pale skin: Specifically designed for individuals with paler skin tones to ensure a natural, even tan.
  • Professional spray tan products: Spray tan products produced by professional brands, typically offering longer-lasting, more even tans and a wider variety of options.
  • Spray tan mist: Spray tan products suitable for home or professional use, providing a convenient application method for an even tan.
  • Sunless tanning foam: Foam products that provide a tan without the need for sun exposure, suitable for those who prefer to avoid sunlight.
  • Sunless tanning lotion reviews: User reviews and experiences with sunless tanning lotions to help you choose the right product for you.
  • Pregnancy safe sunless tanner: Sunless tanning products specifically designed for pregnant women, with safe and harmless ingredients that won't affect the baby's health.
  • Watermelon tanning oil: Tanning oil containing watermelon extracts, possibly offering hydration and a refreshing fruit scent.
  • TikTok tanning lotion: Tanning lotion products popular on the TikTok platform, often praised for their ease of use and effectiveness.

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