Maintaining Your Self-Tan Through an Active Lifestyle

Maintaining Your Self-Tan Through an Active Lifestyle

Indulging in a stunning faux tan and a revitalizing workout are two surefire ways to boost your spirits. However, like oil and water, self-tan and spin class don't always blend seamlessly. Pick the wrong sports bra? You might find yourself with less-than-natural streaks.

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To ensure your self-tan stays flawless, even if you're a regular at the gym, keep reading. Written in conjunction with our interviews with top product scientists, this detailed manual explains how to maintain a faux tan while living an active life, and will see you through a week of sumo squats, downward dog, and 10,000-meter runs. Your golden glow remains untouched!

Apply tanning gel SPF15 on thighs

Choose a Transfer-Proof Fake Tan

Before grabbing your tanning mitt, ensure you're using a sweat-resistant self-tanner gel, such as tanning gel SPF15. Formulated with moisturizing components to extend your tan's lifespan (regardless of your workout intensity), the transfer-proof formula won’t rub off on your clothes. Or run down your cleavage as you sweat.


Don’t Work Out Until Your Tan Has Developed

Sweat itself won’t fade your fake tan – this is more to do with friction, which we’ll discuss in a sec. Perspiration can, however, wreak some serious havoc if you don’t give your self-tan time to develop. 

If you head to gym or get extra sticky before you’ve had your first post-tanning shower? You run the risk of a streaky, uneven tan – and even a green tinge from the sweat interfering with the tanning dyes. Don’t say you haven’t been warned!

Choose Comfy Gym Gear that Doesn’t Rub

Does your faux tan tend to fade more quickly between your breasts and where your bra straps lie? This occurs due to friction between your clothing and skin, acting as a manual exfoliant and gradually removing your golden hue.

To prevent uneven fading and maintain your tan's longevity, choose a properly fitting sports bra and seamless tights that minimize rubbing. Additionally, opt for breathable or sweat-wicking fabrics to keep you comfortable and dry during your workouts.

Baby Powder

Sprinkle on Some Baby Powder Before Your Sweat Sesh

Fake tan despises friction, so it's wise to keep a supply of baby powder in your gym bag. Sprinkle it in areas prone to sweat to absorb excess moisture and prevent rubbing and chafing. It's not just clothing friction that causes damage – friction between skin can accelerate fading. Therefore, apply some powder to tricky areas like armpits, elbows, and behind the knees. And don't overlook your chest and underboob area either.

Swimming pool or spa

Skip the Pool or Spa After Your Workout   

Swimming offers an incredible full-body workout. However, it's not the ideal choice for those who love their fake tan. Chlorine can dry out the skin and fade your color, so it's best to avoid the pool and spa if you're committed to maintaining your faux glow.

If the thought of skipping your daily laps is out of the question, consider applying a generous layer of waterproof sunscreen lotion beforehand to help preserve your tan. And remember to moisturize after swimming to keep your skin hydrated.

Freshen Up with a Cool Shower

Long, hot showers can be extremely drying, so keep your post-gym shower brief, pleasant, and as cool as feasible. A refreshing rinse with cold water won't just boost your post-workout radiance and alleviate muscle soreness; it'll also help extend the life of your faux tan. If icy water isn't your cup of tea, opt for lukewarm water instead of hot.

Go Easy During the Towel Down

Whether you're drying off on the treadmill or using a towel after your shower, opt for a soft, gentle towel and be gentle. Rough rubbing and harsh surfaces can slough off dead skin cells and fade your tan.

Keep Skin Moisturised

Keep Skin Moisturised

While moisturizing is crucial for prolonging the lifespan of your faux tan, it's especially vital to keep your skin well hydrated if you're exercising. Excessive sweating can lead to skin dryness, and the friction from movement during workouts can accelerate the shedding of dry skin cells, resulting in faster tan fading. Therefore, remember to apply a nourishing body moisturizer after rinsing away sweat and bacteria.

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Top up Your Facial Tan with Tanning Gel

Fact: Faux tan on the face tends to fade quicker due to twice-daily cleansing and the use of active skincare ingredients like AHAs. If you're exercising daily, you might also be cleansing your face more frequently, which can further accelerate the fade.

To ensure your facial complexion matches the tone of your neck and body, tanning gel are your BFF. Simply add some of our peach-scented intensive tanning to your moisturizer (preferably at night) for a natural, buildable glow that lasts.

tanning gel SPF15

How often can you reapply fake tan if you’re active?

A well-cared-for self-tan should last around a week. However, while the steps above will help, those who exercise often might find their tan needs reapplying sooner. You can apply tanning gel SPF15 as often as needed, however it’s important to thoroughly exfoliate and prep before each application.

For best results, even fade and natural-looking color, it is not recommended to use self-tanning mousse without removing all traces of previous tan.

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