What causes white spots after tanning? What are white spots?

What causes white spots after tanning? What are white spots?

Have you noticed small white dots or light patches on your skin after tanning? If you use sunbeds regularly, you've probably been in this situation before.

We wrote this article to explain the possible causes of white spots/light spots and how to treat them.

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What are the white spots on the skin caused by sunbeds?

Before we get into the possible causes, let’s explain these unsightly white spots. While white spots can develop for many reasons, they are most likely the result of a common skin infection caused by tanning.

The disease typically blocks the production of melanin in affected areas of the skin. As a result, the infected area becomes lighter in color, while the rest of the body turns a vibrant bronze color. In other words, the infection causes changes in skin color and texture that become noticeable when you try to achieve an even tan.


What causes white spots after tanning?

Here are the most likely causes of white spots on your skin that become visible due to tanning

Tanning beds are susceptible to fungal infection because once the fungus becomes active, humidity and heat provide a breeding ground for fungal microorganisms. This fungal disease causes white spots on the skin.

This fungal disease, called tinea versicolor, is a skin disease in which yeast (Pityrosporum ovale) grows uncontrollably in the skin and interferes with the production of skin pigment (melanin).

It usually occurs at the site of infection, causing the patches to become lighter or darker, which become more noticeable when the infected area remains the same, but the rest of the skin tans from the sun's UV rays.

This condition is common in young people who live in warm, humid environments and sweat a lot. Oily skin, a weak immune system, etc. can also cause this condition.

Are white spots/patches that appear after tanning dangerous?

Although they don't look good, there's no need to panic! They are easy to treat and not dangerous to you at all. You can also rest assured that white spots that appear after tanning are not contagious.

The right way to deal with such white spots is to fight the fungus that causes such marks on the skin, which can then be cured quickly with medication.

remove white spots

remove white spots

White spots after tanning can be caused by various factors, such as fungal infections (like tinea versicolor), hypopigmentation following sunburn, vitiligo, etc. The specific treatment method depends on the underlying cause of the white spots. Therefore, it is advisable to get a diagnosis before starting any treatment. Here are some common treatment methods:

  1. Fungal Infection (e.g., Tinea Versicolor):

    • Antifungal Medications: Topical antifungal creams or lotions, such as ketoconazole or terbinafine, can be used. In severe cases, oral antifungal medications may be necessary.
    • Keep Skin Dry: Avoid moist environments and keep the skin clean and dry to prevent fungal growth.
  2. Hypopigmentation Following Sunburn:

    • Sun Protection: Use sunscreen with a high SPF to avoid further sun exposure.
    • Moisturizing: Apply moisturizing lotions or aloe vera gel to relieve dryness and irritation.
    • Time for Recovery: In most cases, the skin will gradually regain its pigment over time.
  3. Vitiligo:

    • Topical Treatments: Steroid creams or calcineurin inhibitors like tacrolimus ointment can be used.
    • Phototherapy: Narrowband UVB (NB-UVB) therapy or excimer laser treatment can help restore pigment.
    • Oral Medications: In some cases, doctors may recommend oral medications such as steroids or immunosuppressants.
    • Surgical Treatments: For stable vitiligo, skin grafting and other surgical methods may be effective.
  4. Other Treatment Methods:

    • Dietary Adjustments: Supplementing with vitamins D, B12, folic acid, etc., can help improve skin health.
    • Traditional Chinese Medicine: Some herbal formulas and acupuncture may help restore pigment, but should be used under the guidance of a licensed practitioner.

Please note that the above treatments are for reference only. If you notice white spots, you should consult a dermatologist as soon as possible for a professional diagnosis and treatment to avoid delaying the condition. The doctor will develop a personalized treatment plan based on the specific situation.

knowledge expansion

knowledge expansion

Sunbed Accelerators: Sunbed accelerators are lotions designed to speed up the tanning process. They usually contain ingredients that enhance melanin production. These products can help achieve a quicker and more even tan but should be used with caution to avoid overexposure to UV rays.

Sunbed Lotions: Sunbed lotions are specially formulated for use with tanning beds. They often contain moisturizers and nutrients that protect the skin while tanning. Some lotions also have bronzing agents that provide an instant tan effect.

Sunbed Tan Accelerators: Similar to sunbed accelerators, these creams help intensify the tanning process. They can be particularly useful for those with skin types that tan more slowly.

Sun Bed: A sun bed, or tanning bed, is a device that emits ultraviolet radiation to produce a cosmetic tan. Regular use should be monitored to prevent skin damage.

Sunbeds Near Me: Finding a nearby tanning salon is convenient for maintaining a consistent tanning routine. Always choose reputable salons that follow safety protocols.

Sunbeds for Sale: For those interested in home tanning, purchasing a sunbed can be an option. It's important to buy from reputable sources and follow safety guidelines.

Sunbed Tanning Lotion: These lotions are essential for protecting the skin while tanning in a sunbed. They provide moisture and can contain accelerators or bronzers for enhanced results.

Sunbed Accelerator Cream: This cream boosts the tanning process, helping achieve a deeper tan faster. Use as directed to avoid skin irritation.

Sun Tan City Near Me: Sun Tan City is a popular chain of tanning salons. Finding a location near you can offer professional tanning services and products.

Sunbed Tanning Near Me: Local tanning salons provide access to sunbeds and professional advice on achieving the best tan safely.

For best results and to avoid potential skin damage, it's important to follow guidelines and consult with professionals when using tanning products and equipment.

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