Why Self-Tans are Better Than Sun Tans

Why Self-Tans are Better Than Sun Tans

Want glowing, golden skin without risking sun damage, but put off by that funky fake tan smell? Read on. We’ve rounded up the pros and cons of self-tans versus suntans – and, trust us, some of the results will surprise you. Get ready for the battle of the bronze!

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Less sun damage…

A suntan has an incredible ability to make you look and feel healthy and glowing. But the fact of the matter is, there’s no such thing as a safe tan – unless it’s a sunless one. 

Any darkening of your natural skin colour is unfortunately a sign of sun damage. Rather than indicating wellbeing, it means UV exposure has caused the skin’s natural protective mechanisms to kick in – producing more melanin (skin pigment) to shield the skin from further damage. 

So, what’s a tan-lover meant to do? Reach for the bottle! A sunless self-tan really is the easiest, safest way to achieve an all-over faux glow, without damaging your skin – and risking your health – in the process.

More even colour…

Admit it, no matter how diligently you rotate every 15 minutes and contort yourself into various angles, achieving a completely even tan at the beach or pool is a challenge. Especially if you're not keen on going completely natural.

But with the proper self-tanning accessories, such as a tanning mitt and kabuki brush, you can achieve a flawlessly uniform result – without a tan line or strap mark in sight!


To avoid premature aging, dermatologists strongly advise minimizing sun exposure. Sunlight is the leading cause of premature aging, contributing to 90% of visible skin changes like wrinkles, uneven tone, pigmentation, texture alterations, and laxity.

Concerning Vitamin D, while sunlight aids its production, most individuals maintain healthy levels through incidental UV exposure, even with sunscreen use, as per the Skin Cancer Foundation.

Sun protection factor (SPF) is essential year-round. While UVB rays are less intense in cooler months, UVA rays, primarily responsible for photoaging, remain consistent. They penetrate through glass and clouds, necessitating daily broad-spectrum protection to slow down aging.

For a bronzed complexion without future skin damage, consider using self-tanner. It eliminates the urge to sunbathe, with some formulations even combating aging. Our tanning gel SPF15 contains natural DHA and antioxidants to reduce free radical damage from UV radiation and pollution.

Offers a natural glow

We’ve all seen fake tans go bad, but that doesn’t make sun tanning the right choice. To avoid ending up with an unnatural-looking, orangey tan, start with a good quality formula. (Scrimp and save with your mascara, not your self-tanner!) 

Don’t go too dark for your natural skin tone, and make sure you choose an anti-orange self-tanner with a green or green-grey base.

Hydrates your skin

Even if you avoid a nasty peeling sunburn, sun tanning is super drying to the skin. Not only that, sun baking can trigger breakouts in oily, acne-prone skin. This is because too much sun exposure strips the skin of moisture and dries up natural oils. Dehydrated and uncomfortable, the skin then overcompensates by producing even more oil – resulting in pesky pimples.

The best self-tanners gel, on the other hand, keep the skin balanced and hydrated – delivering a beautifully bronzed result without any dryness. While some cheap and nasty synthetic formulas will definitely sap your skin of moisture, a good quality self-tanner gel will leave your skin feeling silky smooth and supple.

Pong-free results…

Suntan fans often mention the overpowering biscuit smell of fake tans as a reason they steer clear – and it’s true many self-tanners ARE on the nose. This is an unfortunate side effect of the chemical reaction that occurs between the tanning gel (DHA) and the skin.

It’s not the case with ALL fake tans, however. Made with all-natural DHA, tanning gel SPF15 has a tropical watermelon and peach scented you’ll want to wear all day long.

For your figure…

Let's briefly overlook the risks of sun damage (just for a moment!), a tan can give you a leaner, toned look. Yet, only a sunless self-tan can truly tighten loose skin and diminish imperfections—without any health concerns!

Not all self-tanners offer these benefits. Enter the world's inaugural anti-aging, anti-cellulite self-tanner gel, void of harmful additives. Our tanning gel SPF15 boasts revolutionary CellushapeTM technology, dedicated to smoothing out uneven, dimpled skin.

For sun protection…

Don't rely on a 'base tan' for sun protection—it won't work. And fake tans don't shield you from UV rays either.

Whether you're playing sports, hitting the beach, or chilling by the pool, always apply (and reapply) a high SPF broad-spectrum sunscreen. Opt for reef-safe options to protect our underwater ecosystems.

THE VERDICT? For an even and natural-looking tan, without the peeling, pigmentation and skin cancer risk, self-tanner wins every time!

Expanded Knowledge:

  1. Sunbed Gel: Formulated for tanning beds, accelerates tanning.

  2. Dark Self-Tanning Lotion: Provides deep tan without UV exposure.

  3. Extra Dark Fake Tan: Intensely bronzed look without sun damage.

  4. Tan Accelerator UK: Speeds up tanning, varies by formulation.

  5. Best Tan for Sensitive Skin: Gentle, hypoallergenic options.

  6. Tan Accelerator for Tanning Bed: Enhances indoor tanning results.

  7. U Tan Face Mist: Convenient, face-specific tanning spray.

  8. Tanning Spray Nasal: Targeted tan for the nose.

  9. Dark Tanning Accelerator: Promotes deep, intense tanning.

  10. Best Melanin Booster: Stimulates natural tan production safely.

  11. Best Sun Tan Accelerator: Boosts tan while providing UV protection.

  12. Tanning Drops for Sensitive Skin: Customize tan intensity, gentle formula.

  13. Tanning Accelerator Cream: Speeds up tanning process, applied before sun exposure.

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